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Hillside condo management seeks damages from Gojek after car ends up in pool

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The management of an Upper Bukit Timah condominium which had a car land in its pool on Tuesday night is seeking damages from ride-hailing company Gojek.

A media statement from The Hillside condo on Friday said the management will be “seeking legal advice to claim for property damage that the car has caused”.

The statement added that the management will be writing to Gojek to verify if the driver works for the company, and to inform Gojek of the claim.

On Tuesday night, photos and videos of a white Honda Vezel partially submerged in the wading pool circulated on social media.

According to the statement, the driver was a man and the passenger was a woman who was visiting her family in the condo.

“Our closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage revealed that the driver hit some potted plants to the left of the pathway’s entrance, reversed, then moved forward again to hit some plants on the right side of the pathway,” it noted.

The driver reversed again and drove slowly into the pathway, stopping at the entrance of a clubhouse.

A security guard told the driver to reverse his car but was ignored, said the statement.

CCTV footage showed the car moving forward, and turning right into the wading pool.

It was raining heavily but all the lights at the clubhouse and pool were turned on.

After the car ended up in the pool, CCTV footage showed the driver leaving the vehicle alone, and the passenger leaving by herself shortly after.

Said the statement: “When the driver was waiting at the clubhouse, the driver told security guard Ragu that he is a Gojek driver. Ragu then called the police and the police arrived shortly after.”

Responding to queries from The Straits Times, a Gojek spokesman said that the company is looking into the case, and in the process of speaking to the customer and driver to resolve the issue and take necessary action.

“The safety and well-being of our customers and driver-partners is our utmost concern, and we do not condone any behaviour that violates our policies,” said the spokesman. “Our policies around safety and conduct are clearly emphasised during the driver-partner onboarding process.”