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Inconsiderate Tampines resident dumps furniture in lift

The Tampines Town Council is appealing for more information on a resident who dumped bulky furniture in the lift.

A resident of block 274 in Tampines Street 22 was caught on closed-circuit television leaving bulky pieces of furniture in the lift.

"They already moved the table into the lift, why not move it to the garbage disposal right outside?" questions a resident surnamed Chen.

The 65-year-old added: ""I don't understand why they had to leave the items in the lift, it's highly inconsiderate." 

Another resident, named Li, wrote on Lianhe Zaobao forum that there was a shelf in the lift on Nov 17 and a tabletop on Nov 20. The resident also complained about a stench lingering in the lift.

Other residents have complained about finding bags of trash, empty drink cans and food wrappers in the lift. The block's lift lobby and bicycle rack were also littered with trash.

An estate cleaner revealed that he used to remove trash from the lift every day but the situation has improved since the town council put up the notice seeking the identity of the who had been treating the lift like his rubbish dump.

Town councils offer bulky refuse removal services, which residents can engage to help them dispose of unwanted items.

Everyone should play a part in keeping the estate clean and pleasant for everyone. The lift is for the use of all residents, especially those in wheelchairs or prams and with mobility issues.

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