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JC student performs mock execution in Arab-style garb during Racial Harmony Day

A video of a student re-enacting a mock execution of two other students while wearing an Arab-style garb has drawn the ire of some netizens.

The shocking irony is that the “skit” took place in a school during Racial Harmony Day yesterday (July 21). 

The video was uploaded on several social media platforms, and shows a male student dressed in a Kaffiyeh, the Arab headdress, and a white Jubah. 

He is seen re-enacting a mock execution of two other students with black plastic bags over their heads.

In two other clips, the same student throws a black bag into two classrooms before running away, seemingly to reference terrorist-type bombings.

The video was titled "YIJC (Yishun Innova Junior College) student being racist during racial harmony day" on both platforms.


Naturally, several netizens expressed their outrage over the video clips. 

One commenter on Reddit criticized the student for portraying Arabs and Muslims as terrorists.  

"I don't care (if) this is a joke or not. There's always a limit… please don't cross the line", he said.

Another netizen pointed out that it is the "implied act of terrorism that is more concerning". 

One Reddit user touched on the notion that the younger generation does not know of a world before the September 11, 2001 attacks in the U.S.


TNP has reached out to YIJC and the Ministry of Education for comment.

Every year, on July 21, schools in Singapore mark Racial Harmony Day by holding activities aimed at educating students on race and values like respecting differences.

Part of the festivities in most schools is for students to dress up in various cultural attire – as a way of embracing another’s race and culture. 

Both Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and President Halimah Yacob posted on Facebook yesterday regarding Racial Harmony Day. 

In his post, PM Lee said today's youth are more concerned about issues like casual racism and micro-aggressions: "There is a gap that we as a society have to bridge and resolve, not through argument but empathy and understanding.”

President Halimah remarked in her post that racial harmony will always be a work in progress.

Sigh. You don’t say, ma’am. 

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