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Landlord throws tenant out a day after she moves in – for no clear reason

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Barely a day after moving into a rented room in Hougang, a woman came home to find her belongings outside the unit, with her landlord demanding that she move out immediately.

The woman, a Malaysian working here, uploaded three videos on Facebook of her altercation with her landlord on Jan 27. 

She and her boyfriend had moved their belongings into the room on Jan 18, but moved in themselves only on Jan 25. 

The following day, they received a call from the landlord who threatened to throw their things out if they did not pack up and leave. 

It is not clear what triggered the landlord to take that course of action.

"I came home and found my belongings outside, (the landlord) even accused us of bringing drugs into his home,”  the woman wrote in Chinese. 

“We called the police, but (the landlord) pretended not to understand anything, so the police couldn't do anything.

"I hope you can share this Facebook post so that others don't get tricked.” 

You can watch one of the videos here:

In the videos, the woman accuses the landlord of entering the room and handling their belongings without permission. 

"I am allowed to look at your belongings – if you bring drugs in then I'll face the death penalty," the landlord said in response. 

The woman said her boyfriend called for the police after the landlord accused them of bringing drugs into the flat. 

In one of the videos, the police can be heard warning the landlord against making baseless accusations concerning drugs. 

The landlord also refused to return the $800 the tenants had paid for the room, including a $550 deposit. 

The woman later clarified in the comments section, however, that she eventually retrieved $700. 

The couple retrieved their belongings and left the room that very night.

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