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Maid teaches English online to kids from her village

Ms Nur Aini could not communicate in English when she first came to Singapore about 20 years ago.

"My interaction with my employer was terrible then," she told Berita Harian.

Today, not only can the maid, who is in her 40s, understand the language, but she is also teaches English online to the children back in her village in Semarang, Indonesia, after she is done with work.

On May 10, Ms Nur Aini was conferred with the Partner of Labour Movement by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC).

The award recognises individuals and organisations that have have made significant contributions through collaborations, projects or initiatives of national impact.

In 2020, Ms Nur Aini founded Friendship Club Indonesia (FCI) – a community of Indonesian maids in Singapore. FCI provides a platform for members to learn English and computer skills while providing support to one another.

The following year, Ms Nur Aini started volunteering with the Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE), where she spent her free time providing support to other maids.

CDE and the Indonesian Embassy helped Ms Nur Aini secure spaces to be used as classrooms as FCI grew in popularity.


Other than English, she trains fellow maids to in turn become trainers themselves and teaches computer skills, photography and swimming. She organises festive celebrations and other events to bring the community together.

“I want to help other maids to improve their communication skills, especially in interacting with their employers," said Ms Nur Aini, adding that FCI helps allay loneliness among the Indonesian maids in Singapore.