Man jailed one year for causing father's death

This article is more than 12 months old

A businessman originally accused of a far more serious charge was sentenced to a year's jail yesterday for committing a rash act that led to his father's death.

Mark Tan Peng Liat was also fined the maximum $5,000 after pleading guilty in court to a separate charge of being in possession of 13 air pistols. Tan, now 31, was charged with committing culpable homicide not amounting to murder after he put Mr Tan Kok Keng, 67, in a necklock and a chokehold in their home in West Coast Rise on Feb 10, 2015.

But after a nine-day trial, District Judge Eddy Tham found him guilty on June 8 of the reduced charge.

One of his lawyers, Mr Ammar Lulla, told the court yesterday that his client will appeal the conviction and sentence of the rash act.

The prosecution had earlier filed a notice of appeal against Judge Tham's order to alter the charge from an offence of culpable homicide to one of causing death by a rash act.- THE STRAITS TIMES

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