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Man squirted mixture of urine and flour on woman’s dress

Wanting to talk to women, a man hatched a plan to soil their clothes with a mixture of his urine and flour so that he could have an opportunity to break the ice between them and him.

On June 20, Tan Jun Hao, a 31-year-old Malaysian, was fined $1,200 after he pleaded guilty to using criminal force on one of the women.

He followed a 26-year-old woman as she was going up an escalator from Nicoll Highway MRT station at around 8.30pm on April 9.

He then squirted the mixture, which he had earlier mixed in a small plastic bottle, on her dress as she was walking along a nearby overhead bridge.

Instead of stopping to talk to the woman after that, he walked past her.

She initially thought that the mixture was bird droppings due to its smell, and the stain grew bigger when she tried to wipe it off with tissue paper.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Yap Jia Jun said: “The accused intended to squirt the mixture on the clothes of ladies, especially young ladies wearing dark-coloured bottoms, and then alert them that their clothes had been dirtied.

“He wanted to create opportunities for him to talk to these ladies.”

Tan admitted that he had done the same to two other unknown victims.

“He had also prepared red dye at home, which he intended to mix into the liquid,” said the prosecutor.

Court documents did not state how the authorities managed to track Tan down before he was caught.

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