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Netizens ask why woman who left $20,000 job hard up for $100

A woman told TikTok content creator Torres Pit in a street interview that she left her $20,000 to start a business.

When he approached her as part of his series of street interview videos in which he asks strangers random questions including what they do and how much they earn, the woman agreed to reveal the details – for $100.

She told Torres Pit that she used to hold a regional position at a job that paid her $20,000 a month but she chose to leave it to start her own business.

Perplexed, he asked her why she would ditch something that lucrative. 

She replied with the question: "Do you want to die in peace or die having money you can't use?"

Torres Pit claimed that was the "best $100 lesson" he has ever had.

Netizens were divided over their take on the woman. There were some who speculated that she had walked away from a toxic working environment while others questioned why she was hard up for $100 if it were true that she used to earn $20,000 per month.

Whatever the reason, the woman walked away from the interview $100 richer.

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