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Part-time workers fall sick after working at Mandarin Orchard Hotel

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At least five of them fell ill at Mandarin Orchard, says dad of a victim

She was working part-time as a waitress at Mandarin Orchard Hotel after completing her O- level exams, and was on duty during three banquets at the Grand Ballroom from last Friday to Sunday.

Mr Henry Beh's 16-year-old daughter, Sharon, ate her meals at the staff canteen and fell ill subsequently. She suffered from diarrhoea and vomiting from Monday morning.

Speaking to The New Paper yesterday, Mr Beh said his daughter, who has since recovered, was one of at least five who fell ill among her group of friends who were working part-time at the hotel.

As of Wednesday, about 175 people who attended four separate events at the Grand Ballroom at Mandarin Orchard Hotel have taken ill.

The Ministry of Health (MOH), National Environment Agency (NEA) and Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) are investigating the gastroenteritis cases.

Nine of the victims were hospitalised, a fate the part-timers escaped, but Mr Beh said: "It's their very first job after their O levels, and it's such a bad experience. They are paid only a small amount for their stint, but yet a large part of it has already gone to paying for medical expenses."

The authorities have suspended the hotel's banquet kitchen and the Grand Ballroom has been closed for a thorough clean-up and disinfection.

Both will reopen only when the NEA gives the green light.

A spokesman for Mandarin Orchard said the hotel has been in touch with the respective organisers of upcoming events that will be affected, and will try to accommodate them at other venues within its premises.

The spokesman said: "We are doing our very best to accommodate the displaced events in other function venues within the hotel if the capacity of the available venues allow.

"Otherwise, we will reach out to our sister hotel, Marina Mandarin Singapore, and other partner hotels that are able to accommodate them."

The spokesman urged concerned parties to get in touch via a 24-hour hotline: +65 6831 6184.

She added that the restaurants and other function venues at the hotel have not been affected, as the kitchens and handling facilities used are separate.