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PSLE results: Jacelyn Tay defines success, Mark Lee congratulates son with song

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results were released on Nov 22.

As with other Singapore parents, it has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for celebrities such as Jacelyn Tay and Mark Lee.

Tay’s son Zavier took the exam this year.

On the day of the results, the actress and entrepreneur wished the best for all Primary 6 students on her social media accounts.

“Completing PSLE is already a success,” said Tay.

She listed 15 things that defines success, including:

  • To stay child-like and pure no matter at what age. Pureness doesn’t equal to stupidity. On the contrary, pureness gives you crystal-clear mind, unwavering by the world to pursue your destiny.
  • To be able to laugh each day and smile at your big and small achievements, silly mistakes and failures.
  • To be able to turn your passion into a profit-making job or business and realise your potential day by day by growing your passion.
  • To have emotional and financial freedom to reject jobs that you don’t feel like taking or turn away from people that are toxic.
  • To have overcome betrayals and still keep your heart pure, believing in relationships and stay loving.

Tay added: “Education is about developing all the above. It takes time. For some, it takes a lifetime.

“Acquiring knowledge is so that you can gain wisdom. A robot and ChatGPT can have more ‘knowledge’ than any individual nowadays. Our future is about human relationships, health and environment. If we only gain knowledge, we are as good as a robot. If we gain wisdom, we are truly living as a human being.”

On the other hand, actor and entrepreneur Mark Lee is a man of fewer words.

He just shared a song, Congratulations (So Proud Of You), on Instagram with a video of his son Maksonn getting his PSLE results.

But his wife Catherine Ng had a little more to say after congratulating Maksonn on his results.

“Even though they may not have met your expectations, you did well, and that’s something to be proud of and celebrate,” she wrote.

“It is important to remember that one exam does not define your intelligence or potential.

“My dear son, remember to give yourself credit for what you have accomplished, and don’t be too hard on yourself for what you didn’t achieve.

“Life is a journey, and exams are just a small part of it. There will be many more opportunities for you to excel and prove yourself.”

Words to live by.