The PSLE ribbon answer

This article is more than 12 months old

Ms Clara Tan, the subject head of upper primary math at The Learning Lab, United Square, shows how the question should be solved:

Length per roll: 2,500cm

Number of ribbons that can be cut to 110cm each per roll: 2,500 cm/110 cm = 22 R 8 cm ≈ 22 (rounded down)

This means 22 ribbons can be cut per roll, with the 8cm remainder being too short to be of any use and is therefore rounded down.

Number of rolls needed: 200/22 = 9 R 2 ≈ 10 (rounded up)

This means with 9 rolls, Jess is still short of 2 ribbons, so she needs another roll.

Therefore, the minimum number of rolls Jess needs to buy is 10.

Questions are 'clear, part of syllabus'

The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) has rigorous processes in place for the development of national examination papers.

The panel behind the PSLE papers comprises experienced personnel from schools, the Ministry of Education (MOE) and SEAB, its spokesman said in a written reply to The New Paper's queries.

They ensure that each paper adheres to a test blueprint, with questions that are clear and aligned with the syllabus and learning outcomes.

The spokesman said SEAB and MOE received feedback on the question that irked some parents and assured the public that it assesses topics taught in the primary school mathematics syllabus.

"It aims to assess candidates' ability to show their understanding and application of mathematical concepts in a given context," she added.