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Scammed housewife mistakes payout for authenticity

A 36-year-old housewife was looking for a new source of income after losing her job when she came across the job ad on Facebook.

The mother of two, who wishes to be known as YH, shared the content of the job ad with Stomp.

"Our job is to help app developer promote their apps, help improve their app reviews and drive a steady stream of user downloads that drive traffic to the app for higher ratings and revenue. Therefore, app developers use Mamba Media to find members to promote their apps. At the same time, members can earn from about 100$ to 200$ per day. After 3 consecutive days of full participation, you will receive 500$ Newbie Bonus. Even if you have a full time job it won't affect your time, because this job we can do it on our free time."

She understood that she was being offered commission to review applications in a job that she could do from the comfort of her home.

Ms YH was invited to join a WhatsApp group in which members shared with one another their daily earnings.

"April 10 was my first try after the training. I topped up $266 and earned $550.44. I received the payout in my bank account at 10am the next day, which gave me the confidence to continue doing it," she explained to Stomp.

"At around noon, I started having doubts because I kept pumping money in but still could not finish the task.

"As my bank account was almost empty, I went to get a credit card loan of $4,600 to pump into the website."

Ms YH, who lost a total of $7,525.84, added: "In the end, I was broke but still couldn't complete the task. They even asked for $20,350."

She made a police report on the same day.

Mamba Media, which has a website bearing the same logo as the one displayed by the WhatsApp group that Ms YH was added to, describes itself as "a leading SEO company committed to driving online success".

Both Mamba Media's website and Facebook account show the company's registered address as Orlando, Florida, in the US. However, they carry different email addresses and phone numbers for the contact person.

The phone number on the website was invalid while the one on the Facebook page led to Wedding Djs Orlando.

TNP has reached out to Mamba Media via Facebook for comments.

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