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SFA detects artificial sweeteners in China-made roasted walnut, recalls product

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has recalled a China-made roasted walnut product after it detected the presence of cyclamate in it.

The affected product, Xiyuguoyuan Xinjiang Paper Roasted Walnut, also contained acesulfame-K, which exceeded permitted levels.

While cyclamate, also known as cyclamic acid, is approved for use as an artificial sweetener for food products such as soft drinks and canned fruits in Singapore, it is not permitted in walnuts or other nuts and seed products.

The use of acesulfame-K, a food additive used in nuts and seed products, is permitted up to a maximum limit as stated in the Republic’s food regulations, the agency said on May 24.

The affected 500g and 1kg products were produced on March 24 and March 25, respectively.

As a precautionary measure, the agency has directed the importer, Hong Xin Da, to recall the affected products. The recall is ongoing.

SFA added that it is conducting proactive sampling and testing of nuts and seed products in Singapore.

In the event that non-permitted sweeteners such as cyclamate or permitted sweeteners such as acesulfame-k exceed the approved limit, SFA said it will initiate recall of those affected products.