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Singapore is 5th smartest city in the world, top in Asia

Singapore is the world’s fifth-smartest city, moving up two levels from its ranking in 2023, according to the 2024 Smart City Index.

Singapore also remains the smartest city in Asia and the only Asian city in the top 10, beating out cities such as Beijing, Taipei and Seoul, based on the index published on April 9.

The annual ranking grades 142 cities on how well they use technology to enhance the quality of life of citizens.

The report found that Singapore is excelling in areas like providing satisfactory basic sanitation for the poorest areas, public transport and public safety.

Zurich retained its title as the world’s smartest city and is trailed by Oslo, Canberra and Geneva, in that order.

Besides Singapore, five other Asian cities finished in the top 20 – Beijing in 13th place, Taipei and Seoul in 15th and 16th place respectively, and Shanghai and Hong Kong in the 19th and 20th spots.

The Smart City Index, now in its fifth iteration, is published by the Swiss business school, Institute of Management Development (IMD).

There were no American cities in the top 20 list this year, potentially because of looming elections that have made people more critical about what needs improvement, said Dr Bruce Lanvin, president of IMD’s Smart City Observatory.

From 2019 to 2021, Singapore ranked first on the global index, before falling to seventh place in 2023. The index was not published in 2022 as researchers refined the methodology, IMD said in a statement on April 11.

The 2024 report was produced in partnership with the World Smart Sustainable Cities Organisation, an international association of local governments, smart technology purveyors and institutions.

Researchers combined hard data and survey responses from citizens to determine the rankings of the 142 cities. This year, for the first time, moving averages could be calculated, revealing the position of a city, on average, in earlier indexes, said IMD.

Based on this data, Singapore has been named a super champion for either maintaining its position or improving in its rankings.

The other five super champions are Zurich, Oslo, Abu Dhabi, Beijing and Seoul.

Dr Bruno Lanvin said: “Cities must design and adopt strategies that can resist the test of a future plagued with growing uncertainties.

“Health-related concerns remain high, while climate-related ones grow even larger; a mix complicated by renewed international tensions.”