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Smith Street to get a new lease of life

Smith Street, which lies within the Chinatown conservation area, will be rejuvenated to inject vibrancy and drive greater footfall to the area.

Known for its culinary offerings, it will soon feature more diverse experiences, such as gamified tours, arts and cultural galleries, local artisans and co-living/-working concepts, while preserving the area’s cultural and architectural heritage.

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA), Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) jointly launched a collective tender on Nov 30 to appoint a master tenant to rejuvenate the row of shophouses from 11 to 37 Smith Street, as well as the adjacent pedestrian mall on state land.

This covers a land area of 3,166 sq m and a gross floor area of 3,073 sq m. The successful tenderer will be offered an upfront tenure of five years, renewable for a second term of four years, to facilitate better resource planning.

Smith Street was where Chinatown Food Street was sited. Opened in 2001 as part of STB’s efforts to revitalise Chinatown, it shuttered in October 2021. Smith Street will continue to have an array of food and beverage offerings and new dining concepts reflecting Singapore’s multicultural identity.

In its early days, Smith Street was known for the many Chinese operas held there. The rejuvenation project aims to bring back that vibrancy. Community and grassroots organisations will continue celebrating festive occasions in the street.

The rejuvenation will preserve Chinatown’s cultural and architectural heritage following conservation guidelines and best practices. This will ensure that the conserved shophouses continue to retain their intrinsic character and historical value.

Ms Carrie Wong, SLA’s director for business planning and development, said the joint tender underscores Singapore’s commitment to preserve its rich cultural heritage while adapting to the needs and preferences of residents and international visitors.

“We are excited to introduce a multi-faceted experience that not only honours tradition but also embraces modernity,” she said. “It is testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability, making it a world-class destination for everyone to enjoy.”