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SMU recalls condom promotion e-mail

This article is more than 12 months old

A condom promotion sent to Singapore Management University students on Monday (Sept 25) was recalled within an hour on the same night.

The advert, sent at about 9.10pm on Monday, contained a 10 per cent discount code offered by online condom store Happy Mail on Durex and Okamoto condoms.

Aside from tongue-in-cheek descriptions of the different types of products available, the mailer told students to "Study hard, play even harder!"

Within an hour, at about 10.10pm, the e-mail, sent by SMU Bizcom - the business development arm of SMU Students' Association - was recalled.

"We hereby apologise for the mistake in sending out the previous e-mails and are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused," the recall e-mail read.

Some SMU students The New Paper spoke to were shocked by the e-mails.

A first-year SMU student felt it was inappropriate for an ad like that to be sent out.

"It looked like a really well-designed ad, like someone took the time and effort to do this," the student said.

Another SMU student said: "I am not sure if everyone is ready for such a liberal ad."

TNP has reached out to SMU for a comment.

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