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‘Stay-at-home daughter’ shows off luxury bags, lavish trips on TikTok

We’ve heard of SAHM (stay-at-home mother) and SAHF (stay-at-home father). 

And we know that they work hard to take care of the children, cleaning, cooking, budgeting etc. in the home.

But what exactly is a “stay-at-home daughter”?

Miss Chloe Liem, a self-described stay-at-home daughter in Singapore may be able to shed some light on the subject as she documents her life on TikTok.

But from what she shows in her videos, it’s more going out to live a luxury life than staying home.

Her post on how much she spent in a day got over 340,000 views.

@chloeabeth4545 Material girl #oldmoney #luxury #superrichkids #fypsg #singapore ♬ original sound - sped up sounds :)

In one TikTok video, Miss Liem documented her trip to a salon, lunch at Bacha Coffee, a shopping spree, a grooming session for her two dogs, a poolside tan at the American Club, and more shopping.

How much of her hard-earned money did she spend on all that? Zero.

The self-professed "material girl" charged them all to her parents' credit cards. 

Miss Liem, who is studying at the National University of Singapore, documents other parts of her lifestyle, like a shopping trip in St Tropez, getting matching Golden Goose sneakers with her best friend and reviewing her Goyard bag collection.

A Goyard tote bag can cost upwards of $2,000. She has at least seven of them in different colours.

@chloeabeth4545 Taste the rainbow? #bagcollection #goyard #designerbags #fyp #goyardbag ♬ designer handbag collection - kelsey kotzur

Her father is an investor. And her mum seems to buy a lot of branded jewellery.

While many of us may aspire to be a SAHD, the truth is that the state of our bank balances may be too sad for that.

“I can barely get anything from McDonalds,” said one commenter.

Said another, “I also bought a lot of Goyard bags - from Batam.”