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They have a large family of children and grandchildren in 2 countries, and now at last they are married

Marriage wasn’t on their minds as they spent four decades of an often difficult life together.

Now, after a business going bust, long years overseas, and a struggle to make ends meet, they have made their relationship official.

In failing health, with help from a charity and family members rallying around, they finally tied the knot.

Mr Goh Yongcheng, 76, and Ms Wang Aijuan, 70, got married on July 7, Shin Min Daily News reported.

She used to be one of his employees, when he ran a fishball and fish cake business.

Both had failed marriages behind them and eventually became a couple. He had five children and she had none.

The business was not doing well, and eventually they decided to move to Cambodia and start all over again.

They opened a Chinese eatery there, selling fried noodles and other dishes.

She said she pawned her jewellery, worth about $20,000, to help them get started.

But business was uneven and at times they struggled to pay the rent.

Still, they stayed in Cambodia for more than 20 years.

They even adopted a daughter there, the eight-month-old child of a neighbour who died.

When they began to have health problems a few years ago, they moved back to Singapore.

But they continued to support their daughter by sending her money.

Now she is a young woman with children of her own.

Mr Goh and Ms Wang remained committed to each other through all this.



"We were busy and the days just passed us by, we didn't even think of getting married,” she was quoted as saying. “After all, when we decided to be together it meant that we will always support each other."

Old age came with its aches and pains, and worse.

Ms Wang had pain in the joints of her feet, while Mr Goh had a problem with his spine and was unable to walk long distances.

She worked for a while as a cleaner but gave that up to care for him.


In May this year, he was admitted to hospital after complaining of breathing difficulties, and was diagnosed with lung cancer.

He then expressed a wish - to marry Ms Wang.

It was conveyed to the charity Ambulance Wish Singapore through a social worker.

Mr Goh told Shin Min: "We take care of each other when we're sick and comfort each other when we're down. Marriage is a way to commemorate our 40 years of companionship."

Surrounded by family members and volunteers, the couple celebrated their special day. PHOTO: AMBULANCE WISH SINGAPORE / FACEBOOK

With the blessing of Mr Goh's children and the help of volunteers from Ambulance Wish Singapore, as well as sponsors who provided floral, makeup and other services, the couple held a simple ceremony outside their HDB flat.

Volunteer and wedding solemniser Huang Shuomei was quoted as saying: "After knowing that (Mr Goh) had late-stage lung cancer, we acted quickly to help fulfil his wish. Staff at the Registry of Marriages also helped to expedite their request to hold their wedding solemnisation."