Two men take up pedestrian path on Punggol Northshore PCN

Chilling out on the PCN takes on a new meaning.

Two men were spotted sitting on a mat that occupied the pedestrian path on the park connector network path that runs through Punggol Northshore.

Photographs that were uploaded on SG PCN Cyclist Facebook group on Oct 22 also showed the men lying down under the hot sun.

They had a tackle box, although it was unclear if the two persons were fishing.

Netizens' comments range from calling the duo's actions dangerous to hilarious.

"No one told them to lay picnic mat on ECP first lane? Best view overlooking the ferries wheel, the sea and garden by the bay?" wrote one commenter. 

Another asked if he could do a stunt jump over them with his bicycle.

PHOTO: SG PCN Cyclist / Facebook


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