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Unattended bag sparks panic in Aljunied MRT

This article is more than 12 months old

Three large bags were found unattended outside Aljunied MRT station this morning (May 26) which led to the police being called in.

The New Paper understands the bags had been left there by two Bangladeshi workers who went to the toilet.

When TNP went to the station at around 11am, we saw two policemen there.

An employee at the ZTP Ginseng Birdnest outlet at the station, who declined to be named, told TNP he was opening the shop at 9.30am when he noticed the two Bangladeshi men.

They were standing outside his shop.

He said: "They had three big haversacks and they walked away and left their bags behind.

"Within 10 minutes, two station staff members and at least four policemen were investigating the bags. The Bangladeshi men returned and were brought into the station."

TNP has written to the police and SMRT for comment.

Last month, two MRT stations had to be closed over security alerts.

On April 2, Hougang MRT station was closed for an hour after a 39-year-old man left a bag unattended.

Wang Jianpo, 39, was arrested and charged in court this month with causing annoyance to the public.

Woodleigh MRT station was closed for about three hours on April 18 as a precaution after a cleaner found a suspicious white substance on the premises.

It turned out to be baking flour which a running group had used to mark out their route.