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Victim in fatal Maserati accident was a strong, kind single mum

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After holding several jobs for over three decades to raise two girls as a single mother, Madam Ong Soh Boey could not sit still, though she was financially stable after running a provision shop in Chinatown.

To fill her time, the 69-year-old took up several part-time jobs, including as a cleaner and washing laundry.

It was when she was on her way to the provision shop over the weekend that Madam Ong met with a fatal accident involving two cars including a Maserati.

On Sunday, she was riding her power-assisted bicycle in Cantonment Road near The Pinnacle @ Duxton at around 5am when she was hit by the luxury sports car driven by a 25-year-old man.

A short video clip of the accident circulating online showed a Maserati that had stopped in the middle of the wrong side of the road, while Madam Ong was lying on the ground.

Seconds later, a yellow car drove past the Maserati, running over Madam Ong and dragging her several metres down the road near her home.

The Maserati driver was arrested for dangerous driving causing death, but the second driver left the scene before police arrived.

Madam Ong was pronounced dead at the scene by a paramedic. Police investigations are ongoing.

Madam Ong's family, who declined to be named, told The Straits Times yesterday that she was a hard-working woman who did not need to take up additional part-time jobs.

"She had to raise two daughters as a single mum, so even after they grew up and started working, she just couldn't sit still," said Madam Ong's niece.

"My aunt was a strong and independent woman. She was kind and thrifty but generous to others," she added.

The family said Madam Ong, who reportedly split with her husband nearly 40 years ago, had been riding a bicycle between home and work every day for 30 years without incident.

"I have told her to stop before, but she didn't listen," said the older of Madam Ong's two daughters, who declined to reveal their ages.

Her younger daughter is working in the US and is on her way back to Singapore.

Madam Ong's niece added that the family plans to pursue legal action against the two drivers. She said: "We just want justice for my aunt."

She also urged netizens to stop circulating the video of the accident out of respect for Madam Ong and the family.