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Welfare group stops dead dog from being buried in trash bag

The dead dog was tied up in a trash bag and was about to be buried in a hole in the ground.

That’s when an animal welfare group stepped in to stop the burial at a factory in Joo Koon. 

On Saturday (Oct 21), Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS) made a Facebook post about a dog, Max, which had died. 

Max’s lifeless body had been found lying on the grass by a concerned member of the public, who had shared a video with CDAS. And when they arrived at the factory, staff informed them that Max had died at 9.53am, which the welfare group confirmed with CCTV footage.

In the post, CDAS said: “Shockingly, his body had been callously discarded and thrown into a trash bag by his owners. The workers had already begun digging a hole, seemingly ready to bury him without any dignity or respect.”

The group shared photos showing Max’s body in a trash bag and a hole that had apparently been dug for the dog to be buried in.

Daisy, Max's mother, was found chained to a carpark gantry.PHOTO: CHAINED DOG AWARENESS IN SINGAPORE/FACEBOOK

There were other dogs chained up at the factory, they said. One of them was Daisy, Max’s mother.

In another post about Daisy, CDAS said she was found with a “large, untreated wound that appeared to have been neglected for a significant period of time”.

Like Max, Daisy appeared to have been chained and was left exposed to the heavy rain until a worker moved her to a covered area. But she was still chained up at the carpark gantry.


CDAS said they worked with the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) to ensure that the company brought Daisy to the veterinarian without any delay.

“How could two dogs be subjected to such appalling conditions? One suddenly losing their life, while the other suffered from an untreated wound,” the welfare group asked.

Addressing the company in Max’s post, CDAS berated them for “callously” disposing of a dog they said was a stray that they had cared for and fed.

“Yet, you lacked the decency to provide him with a proper burial. Is it because he was deemed worthless in your eyes, simply because he was a stray?” the group posted.

CDAS said they have reached out to AVS regarding Max’s death and hopes that it will “conduct an autopsy to uncover the truth behind” the dog’s death.

They also said they hoped that the company Max belonged to would give him a proper burial.

“Max deserves to leave this world with the respect and compassion that was denied to him in his final moments,” they said.


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