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Woman horrified to find coach ‘infested with cockroaches’, can’t change seats

Imagine you’re on a coach from Malaysia to Singapore and you see all sorts of creepy crawlies around you, but can’t move to another seat.

That’s the situation a woman recently found herself in.

In a post that was shared to Facebook group Singapore Incidents on Wednesday (Nov 8), Priscilla Christie Diana recounted her experience.

“Starmart from Taiping to Singapore, infested with small cockroaches,” she wrote.

She also shared a video of the coach’s interior, in which a large cockroach is seen crawling between the cracks under the windowsill.

She claimed she approached the coach driver, but wasn’t allowed to switch seats.

“I asked to change seat but driver rejected,” Diana posted. “Can’t even rest peacefully.”

It seems she is not alone in having to deal with insects on coaches.

Some users commented on the post by sharing similar incidents.

“Last time I go Kuala Lumpur [their coach] was also like this,” one person said.

Another posted: “I also read some passengers complain about fleas and bedbugs.”

A check on Tripadvisor revealed that the bus company, Starmart Express, is rated poorly. Many people complained about the “dusty curtains” and “very dirty air conditioning” while some mentioned seeing cockroaches.

One person even wrote about being left behind: “When I reached the [Malaysian immigration checkpoint] and my family of five could not complete the immigration process within 20 minutes, the coach took off without us.”


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