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Woman posts CCTV footage of litterbugs outside her condo online, she even chases after two of them

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Fed up with people littering in her estate, one woman in Singapore has posted videos of the miscreants in action. 

And on some occasions, she appears in the videos herself, admonishing the litterbug after she’s caught the person red-handed. 

The woman, who goes by the handle Wendy Chan, started a thread on local forum HardwareZone, posting videos of litterbugs who deposit used tissues and drink cans outside her residence.

Many of the culprits are drivers who park their cars in parking spaces on Somme Road, in Jalan Besar.

The videos seem to be recorded by CCTV cameras outside the Parc Somme condominium entrance.

The first video involves Chan giving chase to two men after noticing one of them depositing an empty drink can in a flowerpot.

She grabs the can and runs after the men in the direction of nearby City Square Mall. According to her, she manages to catch up with the men, who apologise.

"[...] But after I left they anyhow throw also who knows," she says in a later post.

Another video shows a man placing an empty cup on the ground before getting into a white and black SUV.

Chan promptly walks out the gate, picks up the cup and places it on the car. She is seen gesticulating at the driver as he retrieves the cup and brings it into the vehicle with him before driving off.

She explained that she happened to be seated nearby and "more or less predicted" that the driver would litter.

"He didn't disappoint," she added.

Yet another clip shows a couple – donning identical tops – wiping their parked BMW with tissue paper. One of them then simply chucks the used tissues on the ground. 

Chan does not appear in this clip to confront the wrongdoers, but said in the thread that she has filed a report with the authorities.

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