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'Is that a worm in my sashimi rice bowl' from Don Don Donki?

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She was enjoying her sashimi rice bowl from Japanese speciality store Don Don Donki until she found what looked like a worm on a slice of raw fish.

Ms Jayice Tan was horrified to see it moving in her ready-to-eat meal bought from the outlet at 100 AM mall in Tanjong Pagar last Wednesday.

“It was (an) alive and wriggling parasitic worm in the kaisen don and (my husband and I) were so astounded,” Ms Tan wrote in a Facebook post that day.

“What’s worse is that we both ate and almost finished (the food).”

She added: “Never in our lives have we encountered parasitic worms in our food locally or overseas.

“Looking at the videos makes us want to puke further, it just makes us feel so uncomfortable and nauseated.”

Videos and pictures she shared on Facebook show a thin, transparent worm curled up on a pink slice of fish that resembles tuna. The sashimi rice bowl in question retailed for $10.80.

Went DON DON DONKI Singapore with my husb at 100AM mall to get some food just now. We were happily enjoying the food...

Posted by Jayice Tan on Wednesday, February 8, 2023