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On Sheikh Haikel hiring a bodyguard after getting a death threat

Frantic Fearful Firdaus

I think he needs more bodyguards because people are capable of doing anything these days.

Peter Therock

In Malaysia, death threats mean business. Brother, make sure your bodyguard doesn't fall asleep.

Sayn Rh

Dude is my favourite childhood rapper, man. Please don't kill him.

GManja Muddyxr

He should hire a fitness instructor.

On the Singaporean who told Little India accident victim's mum: "I am your son now."

Selvaraj Raj

God bless you and your family.

John Thong

Shame on us. While all of us were arguing among ourselves, someone was reaching deep and came up with a spiritual, emotional and financial solution. Kudos!

Fizahh Osman

Faith in humanity restored! Thank you for being an angel, god bless!

On man who fell into 2m-deep pit at vehicle inspection centre

KinIzhar Wally

I've always told myself that one day someone will fall in that hole. It's like an accident waiting to happen. They need to start covering it to prevent passers-by or motorists from walking or riding into it.

Sharifah Radiah Ameer

Oh dear, speedy recovery!

Aw Seng

What safety measures are in place?

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