Undergrad films lecturer offering better grades for 7-Eleven stamps

This article is more than 12 months old

A lecturer at a Thailand university asked students to give her 7-Eleven​ stamps in exchange for a higher grade.

The going rate was apparently 25 stamps for an extra point in grades, reported Bangkok Post.

Unhappy with the corrupt grading system, a student at Kalasin Rajabhat University's education faculty made a complaint to the school.

When that did not receive much attention, the student filmed the woman and posted the video on YouTube. (Watch the video below. The video is in Thai.)

In the nine-minute video, the lecturer is seen saying: "You complained that you lost a lot of money to earn stamps. Did I force you to give me those stamps? I just offered you a suggestion."

The Bangkok Post also reported her as saying: “Khanittha got 17 points in psychology class. She gave me stamps. Then, I gave her A+. Do you think you got that grade by your own brain?” 

Beer for grades?

The stamps were part of a promotion held by the convenience store chain. Customers could redeem the stamps for small gifts or discounts.​

News website Gawker reported that one student apparently exchanged 400 stamps for an A grade.

The university has since suspended the lecturer, and an investigation is ongoing.

Time reported acting Kalasin Rajabhat University rector Nopporn Kosirayothin as saying that there may be extenuating circumstances.

“She might have thought it was ordinary practice,” he said. “Judging from what I heard, some lecturers at other places also exchange grades for some beer.”

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