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Video: Man sets crowded bus on fire

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In horrific scenes caught on CCTV, a man in China deliberately started a fire in a crowded bus that he was on, injuring more than 30 people, including himself.

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

The shocking video footage from the onboard surveillance camera was released by the police, reported The Nanfang Insider.

It shows the man pouring a flammable liquid onto the floor of the bus, before igniting it with a lighter. Horrified passengers near him try in vain to get away.

More than 30 people were injured, with six in serious condition, when the bus went up in flames.

According to news website, the man in his 30s had boarded the bus at 4.09pm, but waited almost an hour before committing the horrendous act.

Yangcheng Evening News reported that the man was seated at the priority seat in front of the rear doors. 

One witness claimed the man blocked the doors while passengers were trying to flee, reported

CCTV News reported that the man had 100 per cent burns to his body and is in serious condition.

Other similar incidents

  • In June 2013, a 59-year-old man started a fire during rush hour on a bus in Xiamen. The incident killed 47 people. The man had been petitioning the government over the denial of social security benefits, reported NPR.
  • In July 2010, a 36-year-old man started a fire on a shuttle bus from the airport to Changsha City, killing two and injuring 14 others. The arson was an act of revenge against society, whom he blamed for the failure of his business, reported People's Daily Online.
  • In July 2010, a 57-year-old man started a fire on his company bus, killing 24 people and injuring 19 others. The incident took place in Wuxi, reported People's Daily Online​.
  • In June 2009, a 62-year-old unemployed man started a fire on a Chengdu bus, killing 27 and injuring 74 others, reported South China Morning Post. He committed the act after his family reduced his financial support.

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