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Foreign cleaners need a raise too

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President, Transient Workers Count Too

Foreign visitors often comment on how clean Singapore is, perhaps not appreciating that there is an army of cleaners who keep it that way.

These workers do a necessary job that most people don't want to do, yet they are among the most poorly paid in the country.

Moves to raise the basic pay of local cleaners ("Steps to hike pay for 40,000 cleaners unveiled"; Dec 13, The Straits Times) are therefore welcome.

However, a thought should also be spared for the migrant workers who make up a significant proportion of Singapore's cleaners and who are not covered by the recommendations of the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners.

Many work long hours and still receive significantly less pay than what most local cleaners receive in a normal working week.

Isn't it time a determined effort is made to raise the pay of these low-paid workers, too?

More give and take, less stress


I refer to the string of letters on keeping dogs in flats and letting them into lifts.

It is sad to hear people saying that dogs should not be allowed in flats because "why complicate things when life is already stressful for all?"

To me, the whole thing boils down to one point - the need for give and take.

If there is enough of that, life would not be so complicated or stressful.

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