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Born with one leg, but he can climb

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Even if he was born with just one leg, Mr Phil Mitchell, 21, did not see it as a hindrance.

And his disability hasn't stopped him from trying to excel in an unlikely sport - rock climbing.

For people with disabilities, the sport is better known as paraclimbing. 

Rock climbing is naturally a sport that requires strength, above all, and additionally, the never-say-die spirit.

And Mr Mitchell, who lives in Liverpool in the UK, easily encompasses both and as such, never lets his physical disability get in the way of achieving success.

In an interview with The Telegraph, he said: "Everybody is physically different... And that's all that I am really. (I'm) just not physically suited to some moves."

At the same time, he admits: "But on the other hand, I'm better suited to certain moves than people with four contact points are. Everyone's different and you just have to learn with what you've got."


Photo: Phil Mitchell

Mr Mitchell is one of the best in this sport but he only started climbing three years ago when he visited a climbing wall - and instantly fell in love.

While he competes indoors in an arena, he much prefers climbing outdoors. 

And for people who have always felt like trying out other things, maybe Mitchell might inspire you.

"I really like variety, and I don't limit myself because otherwise you can't climb using different styles and techniques," said Mr Mitchell.


And don't feel like you need to pity him.

Mr Mitchell said: "I have one leg and have done all my life so I couldn't really say how it affects me because I don't know any different.

"When it comes to climbing, slabs and things that need intricate foot work is a nightmare. Other than that, it doesn't really affect me. Though having a few beers can lead to an interesting walk home."

Source: Telegraph, UK Climbing