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Children thrown out of window to save them from fire

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Much drama ensued after a fire broke out in a building block in Fujian, China, yesterday (Sept 16).

The building housed a kindergarten in which 303 toddlers were studying at the time the fire broke out.

According to Sky News, the blaze started in a flower shop and spread quickly to the kindergarten that was located on the second floor.

Mirror Online reported that adults in the building banded together to get the children out first.

The only way out of the building that was not blocked by the fire were the windows.

So what did the adults do?

They threw the children out of the windows to be caught by the people outside the building.

The fire had started at 11am and by 2pm, all 303 children had been rescued, reported China Daily.

They were sent to hospital where it was found that 67 children had been injured along with eight adults.

At the hospital, some children were seen foaming at the mouth, a condition which could be caused by the inhalation of harmful toxins according to Mirror Online.

The adults themselves climbed through the window and used a ladder to make their way to safety. No one died. 

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.

WATCH: Kids rescued from fire by getting thrown out of window



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