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Guinness World Records: Tallest married couple from China

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​Together, they have a combined height of 4.23m.

Mr Sun Ming and Ms Xu Yan officially entered the Guinness World Records on Wednesday (Sept 9) for being the world's tallest married couple.

Mr Sun, who is 2.36m tall and Ms Xu, who is 1.87m tall, are both from China.

Not surprisingly, their height has helped make them sports stars. 

Mr Sun, 33, is a whiz at basketball while Ms Xu, 29, excels at handball.

Guinness World Records reported that they met at the National Games in China in 2009 and soon fell in love.

After dating for four years, they were married in 2013.

The couple admitted that being that tall is not so easy.

For example, they say that everyday tasks like travelling by car and plane and even getting into a hotel room is difficult.

They said: "But we're used to these problems."

So what advice do they have for married people?

"No one is perfect, therefore you need to support one another on a daily basis."

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​Source: Guinness World Records, Shanghaiist