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He's 58, she's 18 & they are getting married

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This unlikely couple made headlines in 2013, when news of their relationship broke.

When The New Paper spoke to Taiwanese lyricist Li Kuncheng back then, he was adamant about protecting his girlfriend from slander.

His girlfriend, Lin Jing-en, then a high school student, is 40 years his junior. But she won't be his girlfriend much longer.

Even though her father opposed the union, Li announced a few days ago that he will be tying the knot with Miss Lin next November - when she turns 20.

Miss Lin's father had sued Li in hopes of getting his daughter back but he lost the case.

The Taiwanese media has been having a field day with this marriage update in what some netizens have termed the "grandfather-granddaughter" scandal.


Asian Pop News reported via Apple Daily that the couple intend to have their honeymoon in Japan as Miss Lin loves Japanese culture.

They are also looking forward to having kids - with Li hankering for a baby girl as he already has a son from a previous marriage.

The twist in their love story? Miss Lin's dad - the person who introduced the pair in the first place - is unlikely to be invited to the wedding.

Once good friends with his future son-in-law, he had initially approved of his daughter dating Li.

In fact, he had asked Li to counsel his daughter as she was a very rebellious girl. 

Somewhere along the way, this mentor-mentee relationship blossomed into love.


The father reportedly changed his mind and started opposing the relationship after reading about the backlash in news articles.

Li said he plans to release a book on his relationship with Miss Lin, 18.

Here is what Li told TNP previously when he was interviewed about his love life:

"We owe no one an explanation why we are together.

"The media hype and the public attention here (in Taichung, Taiwan) have spiralled out of control. I don’t understand why people find it incredulous that a young, sweet girl can fall hopelessly in love with an old man.

“And by the way, who says 57 is old?”

Recalling how they hit it off, he said they chatted for a long time when he was recovering from injuries sustained in an accident. He added:

"She visited (me) and before she left, she asked me what I was going to do later in the day. I told her I was thinking of going for a movie and she said she was keen to accompany me.

“We started off as companions but I found myself falling in love with her.

“She is naive but full of emotions. She is artistically talented, with a love for literature and arts.”

Sources: Asian Pop News, Apple Daily

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