'Let's sew up revealing 
MAS uniforms', Latest World News - The New Paper

'Let's sew up revealing 
MAS uniforms'

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An Umno delegate wants Malaysia Airlines (MAS) stewardesses to cover up.

Mr Ahmad Darus, a delegate from Penang, claimed the uniforms are "too revealing" and offered sewing services to cover them up, liberal news portal Malaysiakini reported.

Mr Ahmad, who was debating on religion and education at the Umno general assembly yesterday, said: "I think many of the Wanita chiefs at our party branches are tailors.

"If (MAS) does not have money (to sew up the uniforms), then send them to the branch Wanita chiefs, they can help sew them up."


He said he failed to understand why a state-owned company like MAS allows such attire.

"I cannot understand... The uniforms are prepared by us, it is not like they are free to wear according to their whims," said Mr Ahmad.

He asked: "Do we want to follow the ways of the white people where the men dress decently but the women are left exposed?"

He drew parallels with sports attire and wondered whether the airlines was trying to emulate them.

Mr Ahmad said: "In beach volleyball, what do the men wear? Short pants. What do the women wear? They wear only underpants.

"These are the ways of the white people and Jews."

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