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M'sian singer Zamani Ibrahim escapes from drug rehab centre

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Slam frontman Zamani Ibrahim made headlines in January after he was arrested for drug abuse.

Now he's back in the news again, after fleeing from Rumah Pengasih, a rehabilitation centre in Kuala Lumpur.

The 44-year-old, who had been undergoing treatment for the past eight months, was said to have escaped in a “white car” at 10.26pm last Friday (Oct 16), Star Online reported.

Zamani did not take any money or belongings, like his beloved guitar, with him.

Pengasih president Datuk Yunus Pathi said: 

“It’s really a shock for us. Why did he have to do that?”

Shortly after disappearing, Datuk Yunus said Zamani called to say that he was safe and wanted to meet up.

Zamani had been following through with the rehabilitation programme, Datuk Yunus said.

However, the singer refused to participate in several programmes due to a bad hip, which he was being treated for.

The Slam frontman was supposed to be at the centre for treatment until December or January next year. PHOTO: STAR ONLINE

Yunus said Pengasih had discussed with Zamani’s family on keeping the vocalist at the centre until December or January 2016, as they work on reintegrating the former addict back into regular society.

Zamani had been arrested at his house in January for possessing what was believed to be 1.2g of heroin.

In May, he was fined RM5,500 (S$1,819) in a magistrate’s court and later checked into the rehabilitation programme.

Source: Star Online


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