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News presenter stops report to help refugees

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Earlier this year he made headlines for having Robert Downey Jr walk out of his interview. Now he has been praised for interrupting his report to help refugees.

UK news presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy​ was reporting on the current European refugee crisis from the Greek island of Lesbos.

As he presented to camera, a rubber dinghy, heavily laden with refugees — many mothers cradling infants — from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan arrived on the shore.

In the segment, that has been published on YouTube, Guru-Murthy​ says: "As they approach the shore, we can see the panic still set on their faces."

As the Channel 4 news anchor was describing  how thousands were fleeing their war-torn home via Turkey in small, unstable boats, he realised that some of the children and elderly were having problems coming ashore.

With the shore of large rocks proving difficult to negotiate for the families that had spent hours on open water, Guru-Murthy​ put aside his repotrting to assist them in getting onto dry land.

Two holidaymakers also rushed to help.

In one of the many touching moments in the report (at the 1 minute and 30 seconds mark, screengrab below) Mr Guru-Murthy spots an elderly man being lifted out of the boat by several other men.


He continues his report for a moment before pausing to watch the old man's struggle.

Looking torn, he then  abandons his report once again to go over and assist the old man. 

WATCH: News presenter stops to help refugees



The Huffington Post reported that the Greek government has brought in extra resources and staff to help deal with stranded migrants on the island.

The island is reportedly holding as many as 25,000 refugees, mostly Syrian, as they begin their journey into Europe.

People who have watched this video of Mr Guru-Murthy  have commended him.







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