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Prostitutes pretended to be virgins by using sponges dipped in eels' blood

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Chinese police busted a prostitution ring which made hundreds of thousands of yuan selling sex with supposed virgins, local media reported.

The prostitutes used sponges dipped in eels' blood to mask the fact that it wasn't their first time.

Police said the group, which moved from city to city, was extremely organised.

"Each time they arrived at a new place, the ringleader... would purchase information on legal representatives, big clients of banks and owners of car dealerships," said police.

"His underlings Ran and Zhang would then spread the word."

Undercover operation

The duo would send text messages via apps such as WeChat, QQ and Momo to potential clients.

A typical message would read: "Hello, I am a girl from (name of town). My mother has been diagnosed with cancer or my family is in great financial difficulty. I heard that a virgin's blood can be traded for cash. I wonder if a kind-hearted person would be willing to help me."

Police in Xuzhou city were alerted to the prostitution ring's existence in early July when a member of the public made a police report about receiving one of the text messages.

An undercover cop arranged to meet one of the girls, Liu, and arrested her when she arrived at the agreed location.

Police then raided the group's hideout.

A total of 18 people have been detained. Investigations are ongoing.

Ringleader Zhang told police the prostitutes' services were priced at between 2,000 yuan (S$440) and 10,000 yuan (S$2,200).