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Real estate agent held at knifepoint over contract

This article is more than 12 months old

A real estate agent was held at knifepoint for three hours on Tuesday (June 23) by a woman in Southern China, in a disagreement over a property contract. 

The woman had reportedly paid 110,000 yuan (S$24,000) for an apartment in Zhuhai, a city in the Guangdong province.

According to the Southern Metropolis News, the woman was upset after she found out the size of the apartment was different from what she had been told earlier. 

When she went to the real estate agent's office to amend the contract or get a refund, she was told by the firm's staff and lawyers that the contract was in order. 

After the lawyers left, the woman grabbed a female real estate agent and held a paper knife at her neck. 

The woman reportedly told the agent: “You have to help me resolve this problem today, otherwise you can’t walk out."

When police arrived, they found three other women in the room, and the suspect still holding the estate agent at knifepoint. 

The officers managed to calm the suspect down later, distracting her while one of them seized the knife.

The woman has been arrested. 

Source: Southern Metropolis News, via South China Morning Post