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For sale: Buy my school for $2,700!

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A group of students in Arkansas, US, are selling their high school.

Keen buyers just have to fork out US$2,015 (S$2,676) to get their hands on Arkansas City High School.

That's what an advertisement stated on the e-classifieds site Craigslist.

The ad reads:

“All of us seniors are heading off to college and we do not need this school anymore.
"We all need the cash to pay off loans and everything else we need in college."

Among the school's selling points: Ample space to park cars and let cattle graze. PHOTO: GOOGLE MAP


And depending on how big your collection of cars or cattle is, there's plenty of space to house them all.

At least, that's what the students are promising online, newspaper Winfield Daily Courier reported:

"This school offers a lot of space for parking or even your cattle!
"Who knows if you buy this school and attend it you might actually learn something. This year's seniors were the only thing keeping this school together and working.”

Despite the US$2,015 asking price, the ad says that all offers will be taken into consideration.

According to public relations director for the Ark City school district Alisha Call, the students' prank was rather clever.

But alas, the offer didn't last.

Spokesman Call added: 

“We certainly understand that seniors are winding down and having a good time and that was clever, but the school is not for sale.
"We just wanted to clarify (that). We haven’t gotten inquiries that I’m aware of... I did request to Craigslist that (the ad) be removed.”

Sources: Winfield Daily Courier, Facebook

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