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The two Koreas agree to keep peace

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South Korea and North Korea have reached an agreement on Tuesday (Aug 25) to keep the peace between them, reported CNN.

South Korea's national security chief Kim Kwan-jin said that North Korea will apologise to South Korea for South Korean soldiers getting injured due to North Korea's landmines.

In turn, South Korea will stop its psychological warfare on North Korea, which they had recently employed because they wanted the apology.

All's well that ends well?

This remains to be seen.

Mr Kim told CNN: "I wish that we can build the new South and North Korea relationship that our people (wish for) by sincerely carrying out the agreed issues and building trust through dialogue and cooperation.

"It is very meaningful in the aspect that the North apologised over the landmine incident and that they agreed on making efforts to prevent such incidents from reccurring and easing tension."

North Korea said through its own news portal, the Korean Central News Agency, that they have confirmed that the agreement has been reached.

Earlier this month, after South Korean soldiers were badly wounded by the landmines that were planted by North Korea in the Demilitarized Zone separating the two countries, South Korean president Park Guen-hye had demanded that North Korea apologise for their actions.

She said: "This is a matter of national security and safety of our people.

"This is not a matter where we can back down, even if North Korea maximises its provocations and threatens security like it did in the past."

To prove that she was a woman of her word, South Korea then employed psychological warfare against North Korea.

According to The Guardian, this was how the two countries engaged in a "high-volume" propoganda war.

They used the radio.

South Korea used giant speakers and blasted K-pop across the border, along with propoganda that spoke of the merits of ethnic homogeneity and the superiority of the South Korean system.

A source said that North Korea blasted back, across the border, broadcasts that slandered the South Korean government and promoted the North Korean regime.

The Independent reported that North Korea's speakers were old and rusty so their broadcasts were hard to understand.

This is the first time in 11 years that use of such "vocal" propoganda has been employed.


South and North Korea's strategies are reminiscent of how Panamanian dictator, General Manual Noriega, was defeated by the US back in 1989.

According to World Dialogue, US President George H. W. Bush had sought the arrest of the general who was holed up in the Vatican Embassy.

US Forces created a musical barrier around the embassy by playing hard rock/metal music such as AC/DC, Motley Crue, Metallica, Led Zeppelin through loudspeakers.

This music torture forced the general to surrender within several days.

Source: CNN, The Guardian, The Independent and World Dialogue

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