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Baby born outside Batu Caves at Thaipusam

Baby born. In front of Batu Caves. At Thaipusam. What else would you need to make Malaysians (and mostly everyone else) go awww?

How about this? The parents are Malay.

The sweet heartwarming story emerged after Hindu devotees thronging to the hill shrine near Kuala Lumpur noticed a vehicle parked nearby, from which a woman seemed to be crying out in pain.

Her husband was rushing her to hospital after she began to feel contractions, but it looked like they wouldn’t make it there in time. So he stopped under a flyover.

An ambulance was on its way but the baby wouldn’t wait.

A number of people going to the temple for the festival then quickly came to their help.

Some of them found items of clothing like shawls to hold up to give the woman privacy, while others helped with the birth itself.

A woman devotee even managed to cut the umbilical cord, and the ambulance arrived immediately afterwards.

Paramedics soon assessed that the mother and baby girl were fine and accompanied them to hospital.

Journalist L.K.Savantharaja, who was there to cover the festival, put up photos on Facebook and drew hundreds of comments, mostly of congratulations and best wishes to the parents and the baby.

Many noted how the different communities had been brought together by the incident.

“It happened so fast. The devotees were really fast to respond,” Mr Savantharaja was quoted as saying by The Sun.


“Once again, Malaysians came together to offer help regardless of race or religion. It was a touching moment that made me so happy and brought tears to my eyes.”

He also had a video in which the husband thanked everyone and wished them a happy Thaipusam before leaving.

The Sun  described it as “a true display of the Malaysian Family spirit”.