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Bride in Indonesia dies five minutes after signing marriage contract

A bride in Indonesia died at her wedding ceremony on July 2, just five minutes after signing her marriage contract.

According to Indonesian media, the 39-year-old woman Dwi Oktaviani, died from exhaustion and hypertension. 

She was apparently ill in the days leading up to her wedding, said family members, and was actually hospitalised the day before the ceremony. Her exact ailments were not stated. 

Videos of the incident circulated on social media not long after the incident, which occurred in Palembang, South Sumatra.

One video shows a vehicle with the words “mobil jenazah” (hearse) entering a lawn adorned with wedding decorations. There was a banner showing the couple's face and text that read "the wedding".

Cries can be heard in the background as the coffin is being removed from the hearse and into a house. 

The caption in the video read: "The marriage was full of happiness for five minutes, then turned into grief".