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Dog flies undetected from HK to Japan in owner's luggage

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A dog owner opened his luggage after a 4 1/2 hour flight from Hong Kong to Japan, only to discover his Schnauzer hiding inside.

The dog had managed to sneak into the bag, pass through airport customs undetected and arrive safely in Sapporo city.

It is estimated to have spent at least seven hours trapped in the suitcase.

The man and his family were on a five-day tour of Hokkaido organised by Hong Thai Travel Services.

They took a Cathay Pacific flight and arrived at New Chitose Airport on Dec 28.

After retrieving his luggage, the man checked his mobile phone and saw a WhatsApp message from his mother-in-law informing him that his dog was missing.

Suspecting something was amiss, the man checked his suitcase before boarding the tour bus and found the Schnauzer inside.

The man informed his tour guide, who suggested he hand the dog over to Japan customs officials.

The family proceeded with the tour while the dog was repatriated to Hong Kong on Dec 30 after officials determined it did not meet the pet importation criteria.

Apple Daily reported that the man noticed the dog was not around when he was leaving the house, but had assumed it was sleeping in his mother-in-law's room.

He suspects the dog got into his bag while he was packing. He had closed the suitcase without checking through its contents.

Sources: Apple Daily, TA News

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