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Dozens hurt in roller coaster crash in Legoland, Germany

A crash on a Legoland roller coaster in Germany has injured more than 30 people, at least one of them seriously.

The accident happened at the amusement park in Guenzburg, a town in southern Germany, on Thursday (Aug 11).

One train on the roller coaster stopped and another one then collided with it, European media reports said.

Initial reports, quoting the German news agency DPA, had said that 34 people were injured and two of them had severe injuries.

But the park said there were a total of 38 people on the two trains and 31 had injuries.

Of those, 14 were taken to hospital and only one person needed further treatment.

The accident happened on the Fire Dragon attraction around 1:45pm local time (7.45pm in Singapore).

One of the roller coaster trains had stopped in front of the station’s entrance but a second one behind failed to stop and crashed into it, Legoland said.

Three helicopters were rushed to the scene, and fire and rescue services were called in to help extricate and evacuate those in the roller coaster cars.

Legoland said it had immediately closed the ride and started a full investigation.

Last week, a 57-year-old woman died after falling out of a roller coaster in an amusement park in Klotten in south-west Germany.

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