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Elderly man works in fear after being mugged thrice

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For 70-year-old Siew Chen Sam, delivering newspapers has become a fearful task after he was mugged three times in one week.

Mr Siew was robbed for the first time last Monday near a wet market in Ipoh at 4am when he was collecting newspapers from a shop.

Three robbers on two motorcycles stopped him at the traffic light. He tried to fight back with a stick but the group had a machete.

Afraid, he gave them RM40 (S$14), The Star reported.

The next day at the same time and place, the group mugged him again. This time they took RM300.

On Friday at 5am, five robbers chased and mugged him. It was the last straw for Mr Siew.

Police patrols increased after he lodged a report at the police station.

"I have been a newspaper vendor for 40 years and this is the first time such a thing has happened to me," he said.


"Any motorcycle that follows me, I will be scared. But it is my livelihood and I still have to go out to deliver papers."

Barisan Nasional Ipoh Timur Wanita chief Kat W. Wong, Ipoh district crime prevention and community safety department chief Deputy Superintendent Razali Mat Salleh and village chief Law Yeow Him gave their assurance that Mr Siew would be given protection.

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