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Emotional support alligator turned away from baseball stadium in Philadelphia

Officials at the Citizen Bank Park baseball stadium in Philadelphia had to turn away a five-foot guest on Wednesday when it showed up for a baseball game.

The guest in question, an alligator named WallyGator, is an emotional support pet belonging to Jonestown resident Joie Henney, reported The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Mr Henney had taken WallyGator on a leash and harness to the stadium, but the only animals allowed to enter the venue are certified service dogs, or service dogs in training for guests with special needs.

Mr Henney had previously told Philadelphia Inquirer that WallyGator “likes to give hugs” and never bites.

WallyGator boasts a sizeable following on social media. It has over 27,000 followers on Instagram, and its videos on TikTok has over 7 million views.

It was rescued from Orlando, Florida, in 2015 by Mr Henney.

Both of them sleep in the same bed, Mr Henney said.

Speaking to American television news outlet CBS Evening News last year, Mr Henney credits WallyGator for helping him feel better when he was depressed.

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