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Indonesian mum feeds baby dish with 25 chilli peppers, then films him bawling

This article is more than 12 months old

A toddler’s mother has come under fire after she fed him a a veggie stir-fry dish filled with some 25 chillies while documenting his reaction on TikTok.

In the clip, the young child bursts into tears as his mum records the moment.

The Indonesian woman uploaded the video to her account (Ceooppakalteng03) on Tuesday (May 24).

Update: The video has since been removed from TikTok. 

"Tasting sayur kelakai that was made with 25 chilli peppers. Adults can get sweaty eating this dish, let alone babies. His mum is unbelievable," the woman wrote in the video, referring to herself in the third person.

Sayur kelakai is also known as “jungle fern” and is commonly found in Central Sumatra.

The woman fed her son a single stalk of the vegetable dish, before the toddler started bawling from the spice.

Ceooppakalteng03 later disabled comments for the video, perhaps due to a preponderance of negative remarks. 

Undeterred, however, upset netizens let their thoughts be known by dropping comments on her other TikTok videos.

"Just for laughs, you feed your child with spicy food. Such smart thinking," one wrote in Bahasa Indonesia.

“Please, a five-month-old child isn't ready for any kind of food except breastmilk,” wrote another.