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Japan and South Korea set to resume business travel

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TOKYO: Japan and South Korea are likely to agree as early as this week to restart short- and long-term business travel between the two countries, the Nikkei reported, in a move aimed at helping their economies following travel curbs due to the pandemic.

Short-term visitors will not need to quarantine if they show proof of a negative coronavirus test and provide a travel itinerary upon entry, the Japanese daily reported yesterday, citing unidentified government sources from both sides.

Long-term visitors will be able to enter with a test and two weeks of self-isolation, the Nikkei said, adding that the deal is expected to take effect as soon as this month.

The Japanese government hopes the move will also help improve ties between the two neighbours that have been strained by issues including compensation for forced wartime labour and export restrictions, the Nikkei said.

South Korea would become the second country after Singapore with which Japan reopens for both short- and long-term stays.

Japan has reopened to long-term visitors from nine countries, including Thailand and Vietnam. - REUTERS