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Kids try to stop soldier leaving for duty

There’s a young man, about to leave on a motorcycle.

At the gate are three children, the youngest a toddler and the eldest a girl who may have just got back from school.

The man is in the uniform of the Malaysian Armed Forces, The Rakyat Post reported, with a link to a Facebook video.

From the look of the backpack he is carrying, and a plastic pail of supplies, he may be gone for a while.

And the schoolgirl just can’t accept that. Screaming, she runs to the bike, snatches the pail and brings it back to the gate.

The soldier gets off the bike, adjusts his huge backpack, walks back and gently takes the pail from her.

As he is doing this, the middle child is also crying and trying to stop him.

The man slowly returns to the bike with the pail and puts it in front of him.

But the eldest child won’t give up so quickly.

She runs to the bike again and this time snatches his cap.

The video, titled “kakak bru balik sek time ni” (big sis got back just in time to deal with it, in colloquial Malay) was reportedly taken by another family member.

It was posted on Facebook on Monday (Feb 7) and quickly picked up comments on how sweet and touching it was.

“She didn’t get the bucket, so she took her dad’s cap," the report quoted one as saying. "It’s funny, but also sad.”

Another summed up the life of the soldier: “A father’s service to his family and his country.”

And a third had this wish: “May God reward you for your sacrifices.”

Watch the video here: