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Man in tears after begging for food at restaurant and receiving it

A man in Malaysia was reduced to tears after he begged for food for his children at a restaurant and was given two packets of food. 

The incident happened at Ayam Gepuk Pak Agus in Kajang, Selangor, and was shared on TikTok by the restaurant owner Shafiq Razak last Tuesday (March 7).

The video has since garnered 1.5 million views.  

In the caption, Mr Razak said the man walked into the eatery and begged for food to feed his kids who hadn't eaten. 

While Mr Razak was not present at his shop, he was informed by his staff about the man and monitored the situation via CCTV cameras connected to his phone.


@shafiqrazak46 Kami didatangai seorang yang merayu minta makanan. katanya untuk 2 orang anak dia yang tak makan lagi. Luruh hati kami terus kami beri makanan untuk dia percuma. katanya nak bayar nanti bila ada duit. kami respect abg sanggup buang ego untuk perut anak2. jangan kita judge keadaan dia sebab situasi masing2 , asalkan tak mencuri dah la. takpe bang kami belanja ok! -Ayam Gepuk PAK AGUS pedas terciduk cawangan kajang. #ayamgepukpakagus #kajang #help #fyp #foryoupage #viral ♬ NO TO RACISM - Islam Shurdhaj

Feeling sympathetic, he said he agreed to give him food free of charge. 

Speaking to mStar, Mr Razak said that he told his workers to prepare two sets of his restaurant’s signature dishes along with extra rice. The workers also gave him an extra bottle of mineral water.

Upon receiving the food, the man can be seen in the video thanking the workers before leaving the shop in tears.

Mr Razak added that the man had told his staff he would pay for the food when he had money, but they told him it was not necessary as they considered it a charitable gesture. 

In his caption, he urged people to refrain from judging the man’s situation.

“As long as you don’t resort to stealing, it’s alright, brother. It’s on us!” he said.

He also called on the public to partake in collective efforts to help out individuals in need.

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